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Shout-out, thanks!

Published on August 19, 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal

This post is dedicated to the folks that share RepoTracker links in their projects, driving traffic to the app. This is very important to get some initial exposure and to promote RepoTracker to a greater audience.

It's only possible to build a great product if you have enough user feedback, and you only get user feedback if you have users, and you only get users if you have a great product – the Devil's Circle!

Therefore, shout-out to the early adopters, love you guys!

A great way to integrate RepoTracker into your project is, for instance, by adding a "repository insights" link to the project's README file on GitHub. You can easily create these links like{owner}/{repo}

replacing {owner} with the username of the account hosting the repo and {repo} with the repository name. Simple as that!

Here's what you would get for instance for nuxt/framework:

RepoTracker details and insights page for nuxt/framework repository

Note: The Nuxt repository has moved to nuxt/nuxt.

Or, more conveniently, you can use a link, which has a more intuitive URL structure but will redirect to the same location.

You basically just need to squeeze in "-stats" into the URL:

GitHub Stats link to nuxt/framework on RepoTracker

A classical win-win-win move:

  1. Users looking at your repository get a convenient way to quickly peek at some cool statistics and insights about your project;
  2. You and your project get a positive flair for providing this nice extra to the user;
  3. RepoTracker gets more exposure.

Nice, we all win!

Special shout-out to @xemulat who first came up with this amazing idea!

Here is the list of known GitHub repos that include an RT insights link:

If your project features an RepoTracker insights link, or uses the app in any other way, please let me know so that I can add it to the list. I hope you have fun with the tool and that it delivers some value to the Dev- and DevOps communities.

That's it, excited to see some more projects on the list ✌🏽

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