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How to Create an Insights Link for a GitHub Repository

Published on February 8, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal

First off, what is a GitHub "insights link?" Well, it's a link that you can easily post or share and which will take the reader (or recipient) to a page packed with stats and insights for a specific GitHub repository.

With RepoTracker it's really easy to get such a link. You can just open the details page of any repository – either by selecting it from one of your collections if you are signed in already, or by heading over to the landing page and searching for a repo if you aren't – and then simply copy the URL from your browser.s

The links have the following structure:{owner}/{repo}

With that knowledge you can create insights links for any repository you like, just replace {owner} with the username of the account hosting the repo and {repo} with the repository name. Those are always the same as in the GitHub URL of the repository. For example becomes

Easy as that!

Here's what's on the other end of the link:

RepoTracker repository details for nuxt/nuxt

But wait, there is an even more convenient way. Inspired by I made a shortcut service called, so you can also do this:

GitHub Stats link to nuxt/framework on RepoTracker

You basically just need to squeeze in -stats into the GitHub URL of the repository and you will be redirected to the corresponding RepoTracker insights page.

That's it, give it a try and start sharing!

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