Better GitHub repository stats and insights

Keep track of commits, issues, PRs, contributors, and releases in multiple GitHub repositories and stay on top of development updates with detailed repo charts and metrics.

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RepoTracker is a git repository analytics tool that augments GitHub's internal analytics for a better Developer Experience (DX)


Key metrics for all repositories at a glance. See what's new and if there are any updates. Everything is deep-linked for quick access to the repo on GitHub.

Repository Details

Lot's of charts and information. RepoTracker crunches the numbers and visualizes all relevant insights about development activity in the repository.

Super-sweet shortcuts

Just add "-stats" to any GitHub repository URL to get charts and insights from RepoTracker.

// Example

so many features

Here's what's in the box

Repo Quick Stats

Track repository commits, issues, PRs, releases, etc. at a glance

Repo Collections

Organize and track multiple repositories in handy lists

Repo Insights

Charts of the most important repository metrics

Exclude Bots

Remove bot commits from the statistics (dependabot, etc.)

Dark Mode

Dodge photon death in after dark sessions

Save / Load

Save your collections to local files and share and/or restore them

File Drop

Import repo lists from package.json and requirements.txt files

Coming soon

GitHub Import

Import repositories directly from your GitHub profile

Coming soon

Give it a spin,

try an example.

A few curated repo collections for you, related to recent trends.


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